The day-to-day business of a bazuba FranchisePartner

What does it mean to be a franchise partner at bazuba - what will my daily routine be? To explore this question, we asked Sebastian Zugmayer, head of bazuba in Lower Austria for over 10 years, for an interview.

b (bazuba): How can you imagine a typical day as a franchise partner at bazuba? When do you start your day?

S.Z.: My day usually starts around 7 in the morning. Every Monday we start with the team meeting, where all my employees, both the technicians and the office staff, are present and we go over the most important topics of the week and bathrooms that are being renovated.

b: How big is your team at the moment?

S.Z.: Currently we are 10 technicians, they have a lead technician who takes care of scheduling and helping in the office, an office manager, an inside sales person and a salesman/customer service representative. I myself also take over an area of sales and of course all the managerial activities.

b: What does it mean? How can we imagine the rest of your day?

S.Z.: I have my week well organized and focus part of the week on customer appointments and sales, so I would say 2 ½ days - and the other half of the week I make sure that the sites are properly coordinated and the process fits, recalculate offers and discuss current projects and processes with my employees. I am in close contact with the head office regarding the advertising planning, discuss with my foreman (lead technician) about the construction sites and the allocation of the staff and decide most of the things myself. I write quotations and orders and check that they have been accepted, completed and adhered to. From time to time I have interviews with new employees, because my team is still growing.

b: That sounds like a very varied, but also demanding job!

Franchise Partner at bazuba

Sebastian Zugmayer

S.Z.: Yes, that's true - however, I have many options to decide freely and yet I always have the certainty of being able to consult with headquarters in order to make the best possible decision for further growth. And it's also a lot of fun when customers call me and tell me how satisfied and happy they are with their new bathroom. This direct feedback is something even more special!

b: That sounds really exciting! Would you become a franchise partner again?

S.Z.: Definitely! The concept is right, I enjoy the work! I can continue to develop and my business is growing. Of course, there are challenges that you have to overcome, but that's the way it is as an entrepreneur. I would take the step again at any time!

b: Thank you for the interview and your time!

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