Why are we constantly developing our franchise system?

The answer is relatively simple: Continuous development brings us a little closer to our vision every day; supports our mission and makes our franchise partners even more successful.

In these more than 30 years that I (Constantin Zugmayer CEO) have been running this company, we have of course always had phases in which we have developed further in one or more areas.

However, we have also experienced times in which - for various reasons - more or less nothing happened and we actually only managed the existing.

Result: the times we have moved on have been the best times we have experienced. Exciting and thrilling, and also with the odd defeat. But they were the years when something went further and we improved, leading to a period of expansion.

Standing still has always felt like slowly dying.

My personal insight: to question oneself and every area, to think about how to do things better, to face problems and work on their solutions and never to be satisfied with what has been achieved. This is essential for any activity and will therefore always accompany us in our actions.

And right now, there are a lot of issues we're working on that are taking us into a new phase of our network.

Our new brand bazuba® and the accompanying CI and CD is probably THE symbol for our further development. However, this process was not an easy one. After all, when you have been using a brand for over 30 years and this brand has been with you for all that time, you don't just throw it overboard. But we also didn't want to be like everyone else.

We want to be recognized fresh, bold and also cheeky on the market, without disregarding our high technical competence and our unique services. Because with these, we take on any bathroom challenge quickly and in a resource-saving manner.

We are convinced that this is exactly what we represent with our new brand and our new appearance, and it already feels as if bazuba® has always been there.

bazuba® embodies our vision: "Everyone feels good in their bathroom" and is the symbol for a successful future.

Of course, we must also continue to address the issue of digitization. If you look at the speed of change in the last 10 years, compared to the speed of change in the last 100 years, you can only come to the conclusion that we are unlikely to make it without digitization.

bazuba® has already started its journey into the digital world and this journey will probably never stop. As a result, individual customer requirements can be met cost-effectively and flexibly, and it is also easier to find and retain customers. In addition, we can recruit employees more easily, qualify them sustainably and thus increase loyalty. And of course, we can make business processes and production workflows more efficient, control them better, and develop innovative digital offerings that enable profitable growth.

We don't want us or our franchise partners to become the extended workbench of any lead gene - we make our own lead gene and we process our own data.

In order to master all these processes, changes and challenges, we have also started to rethink our own internal processes and work on our efficiency. We are now focusing even more, we are systematizing and organizing in order to become faster, better and more successful. The resulting growth allows us to add new employees and increase departments. We already know that our own IT department and our own marketing department will probably be the largest departments at headquarters.

Knowing that we are already the best franchise system in our industry, all changes have only one purpose: to make our franchise partners even more successful, to inspire our end customers faster, more effectively and more sustainably with our services and thus to get closer to our vision piece by piece.

In this sense: "Everyone feels comfortable in his bathroom" - emphasis is on EVERYONE!

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