When bathroom
           meets digitization

"Everyone feels good in their bathroom." This is the bazuba vision, our shared vision that we pursue every day. 

Our work stands out not only for the appearance and quality of bathrooms, but also for the way we work. 

I have now been an employee of bazuba for just under 4 months and have been able to settle in well, also thanks to the great reception of the franchise partners - for which I would like to take this opportunity to thank them in advance.

Clipboards and work sheets were yesterday's news. Digitization is the keyword here. What used to be recorded and designed with pen and paper is now done with our industry software, which makes the day-to-day lives of our franchise partners much easier.

The software not only facilitates work in the office, it also includes various mobile solutions that are used directly on site at the customer.

With the "full expansion" (finally also the integration of the bathroom planning software into the industry software), the digital portfolio of bazuba is rounded off.

But what does this mean for our work?

The day-to-day work of our franchise partners is as varied as the requirements of our customers. An example of this is the coating of a bathtub, including the installation of a new shower partition.

The customer has seen a bazuba vehicle, pink - wow. He noticed bazuba. After searching for it online, he finds the possibility of bathtub coating, something he always had in mind but didn't know existed. Actually, he would now fill out the contact form and would then end up with his request in our software. But we still let this customer come to us in the classic way - by phone.

With our digital approach, our franchise partner can provide the customer with the coating and new shower partition quote during the on-site appointment. How? With a notebook or tablet - because all service texts and calculation parameters are stored and the FranchisePartner can access them on the move, wherever he is.

After the order confirmation promptly arrived, the digital process chain continues: 

  • The order confirmation goes out digitally to the customer and, if the franchise partner wishes, also the down payment invoice. 
  • The order(s) for the required materials are sent out directly from our industry software to our suppliers. 
  • After the delivery date has been set, a date for the execution of the order is also agreed with the customer from the system. 
  • The technicians required for this job site can be scheduled for the corresponding job site as part of the resource planning integrated in the industry software. 
  • This planning, including all the necessary data, is sent automatically to each individual technician's mobile device(s) so that he can work through and document his digital work sheet on the construction site with the help of his own app.
  • After the desired result has been achieved, the digitally signed acceptance report including photos and comments is sent directly from the construction site to the customer via e-mail. The data recorded there can also be viewed immediately by the franchise partner and processed further for invoicing. 

Even more complex jobs, such as a complete bathroom renovation, are handled in the same simple way, so our franchise partners have the least amount of work possible.

In the end, every satisfied customer brings us a little closer to our shared vision of "everyone feeling good in their bathroom". 

I have an incredible amount of fun working on it and seeing how quickly progress can be made and time saved with just a few simple steps. 

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