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My name is Constantin Zugmayer and I am the founder of bazuba. In 1986, as a 21-year-old, I brought a craft idea from the USA. Everyone knows it or has seen it before. A piece of enamel has chipped off in the bathtub or on the shower tray. This can be removed almost invisibly using a special handicraft process. I trained for this in the USA and gained my first experience.

I brought these with me to Austria and then, in cooperation with the Austrian Research Institute, brought them to a formulation that met my quality requirements. Now my time had come. I have -with the support of my father- with the name "Remaill-Technik" as a native of Vienna in my hometown as an absolute newcomer with a completely new process made. That was 32 years ago today (2019). From day one, we have been making money and the requests for our service quickly exceeded our ability to take orders. We also received inquiries from other states - and - if you are real sales people like we are - then an order you cannot accept hurts you.

So we looked for a method that would enable us to multiply our quality standards and our maxim of "enthusiastic customers" in Austria. So what could be more obvious - to look around again in the USA and discover the topic of franchising.

We took our first steps in franchising at the end of the 1980s. Our "oldest" franchise partner has been a member of our franchise network since 1994. So we have been relying on this form of multiplication long before the supposed boom in franchising. But our approach has always remained the same.

Our partners deliver high-quality work to the end customer and thus inspire the customer. Through satisfied customers of our partners, we as franchisors receive satisfied partners - and the cycle closes.

As a franchisor, we have the task of continuously developing and adapting sustainable trends on the product/training and technology/IT/sales and marketing side to provide our partners with the best system in each case.

Our FranchisePartners have the task to apply the system professionally in their protected area locally with their employees and to develop further with the FranchiseSystem.

Ultimately, franchising at bazuba is quite simple:

If the customer is satisfied > if the partner is satisfied > we are satisfied.

We do not "sell" franchise territories. We look for partners with whom we can imagine working together for years. You, dear prospective customers, do the same. You consider whether you can imagine spending the next few years - preferably your whole life - in the field of bathroom renovation and refurbishment with us as a strong partner. Franchising with bazuba is therefore a mutual application process for this - whether you want to be together for years.

Perhaps a little pathetically formulated. But in the end it is a partnership for time - in the best case for life (working) time.

Today, after more than 30 years of experience, we offer a secure existence with our wide range of services "from impact damage repair to complete bathroom".

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