You can also coat bathtubs?!?

Recently, one of our long-time FranchisePartners told us that he stood with a customer in the bathroom for a sales appointment and explained to him how to transform his old bathroom into his dream bathroom. Of course, he also mentioned the possibility of coating the bathtub.

The customer was totally astonished about it at the first moment -. "What, you can coat bathtubs too?!"

That's right, we can - but unlike what his client thought, we can't ALSO - no, we can ALSO renovate everything else in the bathroom!

You might think now: "Well - that's just putting it in a different way." - But exactly the opposite is the case!

Why can we ALSO do everything else?

bazuba has its origin over 30 years ago and began with the coating of bathtubs and shower trays, as well as the repair of damage in the same. Relatively quickly, a solution for coating wall tiles was also developed and thus the company was able to offer customers a fast, inexpensive and stock-saving alternative to the classic bathroom renovation.

From the very beginning, the demand for our services was enormous and the customers were enthusiastic!

So enthusiastic, in fact, that we built an entire franchise system on it, since one company alone couldn't handle the requests - but that's another story.

Now you might think bazuba just kept going and didn't change over the years?

But we have never been the kind of company that stands still - we have been and are ready to evolve - and for that we only have to do one thing - listen!

Our customers were satisfied with our services and they wanted more!

They also wanted the floor renovated, or they wanted another option to renovate the walls - and they wanted an easy solution to get into the bathtub. We listened and found solutions!

Over the years, we have either developed and found solutions ourselves and with our partners for a wide variety of customer requirements and always with a focus on "provide the best solution for the customer's bathroom".. - That's what we stand for, and we still succeed today!

The basis of our DNA, if you want to call it that, was and is the coating and repair of bathtubs and shower trays - because here we are the best - and we will remain so.

Today, bazuba offers its customers solutions to their problems/wishes/requirements in the bathroom, and thus its franchise partners an established and perfectly functioning concept with which they can make well over 1 million euros in sales.

This has all evolved over the years of listening and finding solutions - which is why we can coat bathtubs AND everything else!

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