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Every idea, every product, every company stands and falls with demand. Are there enough customers who buy my product/service, and how big is the pond I fish in? Are there sharks? Will it run dry one day? Is my product just hype or something that can be established for years?

These are the questions you ask yourself, or should ask yourself, before you start a company with your idea. Our founder also did this back then and today, over 30 years later, we can confirm what Constantin Zugmayer could only think through back then.

Yes, there is demand - a very high demand, in fact, and the market is also sufficiently large. Every year, millions of bathroom renovations are carried out in Germany and Austria - the pond is more than big enough.

And sharks? Back then as bazuba started is not - today in 2019 there may be a bigger fish or two. The bathroom renovation market is very granular. Most renovations are done by local providers in their area. There are hardly any nationwide contractors and that's not going to change anytime soon. The threat to contractors are the big online platforms like Check24 or other online LeadGens. (Platforms which are built on the fact that they generate inquiries but do not sell anything themselves). This is because they offer the customer easy access to the service, use it to pick up the inquiry and then sell it to the executing company. The craftsman's business becomes the extended workbench of the online platforms and is dependent on the platform. Today, an inquiry costs him 30 euros, the day after tomorrow 250.

We have recognized this challenge and we are taking action! We have a well thought-out marketing concept, which includes the ever-growing online area as well as the offline area. We have years of experience and yet we are aware and more than willing that you always have to break new ground!

The extensive mix of advertising and marketing activities ensures our partners receive inquiries from their territory right from the start. The network's inquiries in the DACH region are in the five-digit range and grow by more than 20% year after year.

bazuba is not only a strong concept on the service level, but also on the marketing and sales level - and we and our FranchisePartners prove this day after day!

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by Laura Zugmayer, Head of Marketing

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