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Franchising is a partnership with a division of labor and clearly defined areas of responsibility.

We have been franchising for over 30 years. In our world, franchising is simple. If the partner is doing well - the system is doing well.

We have many years of experience in the field of bathroom renovation and have thus built up a functioning system. This experience and knowledge we pass on to our partners and form the basis of a fruitful partnership.

Our partner builds his business on his risk in his protected territory.

New franchise partners want to take as little risk as possible in order to protect their invested capital. That is why they look for a franchisor like bazuba that can demonstrate sustainable experience in the field of bathroom renovation and can also prove this with real figures.

Our (future) partners like the division of labor, and so do we. Because if the partner is doing well, the system is doing well. And so we can all continue to grow together!

Several hundred technicians have already been trained in our academy in Austria. Among them were cooks, car salesmen, sales managers, merchants and, of course, craftsmen of all trades.- Some of our trainers in the academy have been with our company for over 20 years.

Their opinion after the innumerable training courses which they accompanied is clear: "Everyone can learn our service - they must want it only also (really) and like us also, much fun at the work have"!

You are the head of your medium-sized company in your city, your protected territory.

You'll be active with in the bathrooms at first, if only to make sure you can step in later in case of an emergency.

They hire technicians and coordinate job sites, they sell, they order, they plan, they write quotes, they visit customers - one by one.

We will work with you to create an individual development plan for your area.

From day one, you have the system headquarters in the background, and with us, a strong partner behind you who is always there to help you with any questions and challenges.

You are your own manager in your own company.

You have an inside sales person who does most of the administrative work for you and their 4-5 technicians generate sales beyond the 1 million euro mark.

It's as simple - as it is challenging. It's a two-way application process.

FranchiseZentrale attaches great importance to good cooperation.

Our applicants also need to have a good (gut) feeling about a long-term partnership.

We show our potential partners our requirements for what we consider to be a good partner as well as the financial possibilities they can achieve with us and back these up with corresponding real figures.

In turn, they show us why we might be a good fit for each other.

One thing is clear. In the end, we want to form a partnership together that will last for years! And that's what we check each other out for. Therefore, the life saying also applies to us "Drum prüfe wer sich ewig bindet" - for you and for us!

Time, energy, nerves, stamina, and a mid-five figure sum in money to ideally earn a six figure income.

Requests? - We have!

Requests? - We have! Every idea, every product, every company stands and falls with the demand. Are there enough customers who buy my product/service?

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Die ersten 6 Monate bei bazuba

Ihr Start bei bazuba Für einen reibungslosen Start bieten wir unseren Franchisepartnern in den ersten 6 Monaten einen zusätzlichen Betreuer. Peter Stottan, unser erfahrener Franchise-Etablierer

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