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Change, the [noun, masculine] - or what happens to a franchise system that has all the ingredients for success already embedded in its DNA.

We have been called Remaill-Technik in Austria since 1987 and Badtechnik in Germany since the end of the 90s. Both brands have the bathtub in their logo - the symbol for our DNA.

That's what everything has been built on. And for years, not to say decades, our franchise partners have built a solid existence on it. It was also the franchise partners who brought innovations into the network and thus further services were added to our portfolio.

From sanitary coater to complete bathroom renovator, this is how the evolution in our network can be described.

Remanufacturing" - i.e. repairing and coating sanitary objects - is still our DNA, but in the meantime other services have also taken up a large part of our business.

And now things got exciting. Because this expansion of our product portfolio was joined by the brutal and still ongoing technological change, also known as digitalization, and a significant shortage of qualified craftsmen in all trades, right across Europe.

The demonstrable further shortage of suitable building plots and areas for real estate construction, miserably long approval procedures combined with the high demand for affordable housing, just screams for renovating and modernizing existing properties to solve the problem.

We at bazuba - have an answer to these challenges of the time with our business model. Since time immemorial - we have also been teaching our trades to people from outside the trade. That means we bring people into the trade who do not necessarily have to come from the trade - and have been doing so for over 30 years. We have always worked with existing buildings. That means we haven't ripped out anything, we haven't worked on new buildings, and we haven't participated in large public tenders. Thus we deliver high quality work at attractive conditions for all parties in a granular environment, which means nothing else, that many orders result in turnover and thus the individual risk is minimized.
If we were a chef, these would be our basic ingredients, which are now being supplemented, for example, with online (marketing) expertise and digital customer routes.

And today, more than ever, our partners are no longer classic craftsmen who do the work themselves. Rather, they are ambitious partners who want to build a medium-sized business and earn a high income in conjunction with their employed technicians.

All these developments have led us to let Remaill technology and bathroom technology become bazuba.

Change at our company means: It's not a "name change" with a little paint job - it's a corporate culture that is already present in our artisanal DNA and will be adapted to the present through professional structures and modern methods and will always be further adapted to future challenges. Change is a journey that never ends... bazuba - a place where people love to work.

by Sven Romberg, COO

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